in english

Revolution XV

This afternoon when, in full sun,
I found myself a body,

hair turned long,
loops grew beneath skirts.

I wondered what it means

when no rope can find its knots
when wood unravels
and we are late, but lost.

Years lay between us.
A woman had borne children
and swapped houses.

This afternoon,
when the flesh grew on my bones
and the sea rose to the flood line,

I wondered where the waves lead.

Coils were rewound.
I felt entirely absent,
looking at the back of who I was.

This afternoon lives were rounded off
cats licked one another clean.
It was a tender moment.

We pulled each other’s hair out.
Unexpectedly the past returned.

This afternoon
a smile fell
like glass between the ropes.

I orbit about you.

I paint cats’ paws,
set the beacons out.

The face consists of hollows,
the body of deficiency.

Like this, I do want to be
around you.

(translation Rosalind Buck)


After low tide

After low tide
the creatures went away.
Plants could no longer adjust
to this light.

We were liberated by the land,
carried the town like a wreath.

We wandered along bare summits
reflecting the sun in ourselves.

In the middle it was still.

I was to be a hand,
gather your night in me.

People had made something
on the cutting edge of two words.
The sea lay stiff as a desert.

You are the horizon.
You beat the drought in the pot.

Sand rises. I feel the trembling of the earth
Blue-ringed hands grow.

The heart is a plough share.

I have seen the eagle
on your burned skin,

but I am harder than glass.

(translation Rosalind Buck)

wenteling XVIII from Lies Van Gasse on Vimeo.