3 poems in Two Peach Magazine

My work is featured in the inaugural issue of Two Peach Magazine, founded by Julia Anna Morisson and Catherine Pond. Translations are by the amazing Annmarie Sauer. You can read the poems here.

I also refer to the list below for other translations of my work.


In English:
translations on Poetry International Web by Rosalind Buck: here and here
translation of ‘Oracle’ (graphic poem) by Trees Van Gasse and interview on 3:AM magazinehere and here
translated poems by Annmarie Sauer in Two Peach magazine here
translated poems by Willem Groenewegen in B O D Y Magazinehere
‘Second She Wolf’ ‘Revolution XIV’ (graphic poetry), translated by Michaël Brijs in Gorsehere
City poems of Bruges translated by Annmarie Sauer: here
‘Fireworks and birds’ in the The Blue Max Review 2015 In Arcadia of Blackwater Poetry festival, translated by Annmarie Sauer

En français:
‘Forêt Sèche’ traduit par Jan Mysjkin dans la publication Belgium Bordelio
‘Oracle’ traduit par Jan Mysjkin dans le Pot Belge de Deus ex Machina
3 poèmes traduit par Jan Mysjkin dans Poésie Première, 2015

Auf Deutsch:
‘das innovative multimediale Kaspar-Hauser-Projekt der Künstlerinnen und Dichterinnen Lies Van Gasse und Annemarie Estor’ in Caleidoscoop 02: hier

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